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Buffy vs Edward Remix Unfairly Removed by Lionsgate

Buffy vs Edward unfairly removed

UPDATE: On January 10th, less than 48 hours after I published this blog post, I received a one line email from The YouTube Team stating simply “The content has been reinstated.” No explanation or other information was provided. But Buffy vs Edward is now back on YouTube and can be viewed here. The copyright infringement “strike” also appears to be gone as […]

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Wayne Enterprises Television Commercial Remix


Wayne Enterprises :: Everything Everywhere Everyday It’s no secret that Batman is funded and equipped via Bruce Wayne’s multi-billion dollar fortune and through his ownership of Wayne Enterprises. What you might not know is that Wayne Enterprises is a monster company of truly Orwellian proportions. If the corporation really existed it would most likely be […]

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A Brief History of Subversive Remix Video Before YouTube


An article and video collection I put together was recently published in the Open Access journal Transformative Works and Cultures. The full piece entitled “A history of subversive remix video before YouTube: 30 political video mashups made between World War II and 2005″ is licensed under creative commons and can be viewed for free online via the TWC website. I first […]

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Too Many Dicks on The Daily Show

Too Many Dicks on The Daily Show

UPDATE 3: Déjà vu. On February 3rd 2015 this remix was again removed from YouTube, again without warning via another bogus takedown from Viacom claiming infringement. As Viacom was made aware after the last bogus takedown, this fair use remix video barrows 100+ snippets from The Daily Show in a critical and transformative way as provided for in section 107 of the US copyright law. I’m […]

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Interview with the Barcelona TV show La Malla Tendencies

Interview with the Barcelona TV show La Malla Tendencies

La Malla Tendencies is a Catalan-language television program produced by Canal Blau TV and Minifilms in Barcelona, Spain. The show focuses on the crossroads of art, film, music and technology. They interviewed me at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelonaduring (CCCB) during my 2011 remix speaking tour of Spain and asked me to talk […]

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