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The LEGO Friends House is on Fire


So what happens when something in the would of LEGO Heartlake City catches on fire? Since there are no fire or medical services in the new “LEGO’s for girls” Friends theme I guess they’ll just have to call the boys to put it out. This is the kind of absurd situation that arise when toy […]

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Building an HTML5 Video Remixer Web App

This post originally appeared on genderremixer.com on September 16th 2011 The 2011 Open Video Conference at New York Law School was devoted to “builders, tinkers, makers, and doers” and with that in mind I was excited to lead a session (entitled Building a Better Remix Maker) which focused on creating intuitive, accessible open tools to […]

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Too Many Dicks on The Daily Show

Too Many Dicks on The Daily Show

UPDATE 3: Déjà vu. On February 3rd 2015 this remix was again removed from YouTube, again without warning via another bogus takedown from Viacom claiming infringement. As Viacom was made aware after the last bogus takedown, this fair use remix video barrows 100+ snippets from The Daily Show in a critical and transformative way as provided for in section 107 of the US copyright law. I’m […]

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2010 Open Video Conference

At this year’s Open Video Conference in New York City on October 1st & 2nd I will be premiering a new remix video and I will also be doing an educational session demonstrating how video remixing can be used as a critical media literacy tool for school kids. The OVC promises to be an exciting […]

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Remixing Gendered Toy Ads at the Reel Grrls Workshop

Over the past few years I have been developing a series of fun workshops that use simple video remixing projects as an engaging way to teach critical media literacy to youth. Back in December I taught one of these workshops with the Reel Grrls – a Seattle based non-profit that aims to empower girls to […]

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