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The Face of Gaming: 40 Male Protagonists Featured at E3


A supercut of 33 video games with 40 playable male protagonists featured in marketing materials in and around the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2014. PRESS: The Daily Dot – E3 supercut video highlights the sorry state of video game diversity Kotaku – The Games At E3 2014 Sure Had A Lot Of Dudes (Like Always) […]

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Wayne Enterprises Television Commercial Remix


Wayne Enterprises :: Everything Everywhere Everyday It’s no secret that Batman is funded and equipped via Bruce Wayne’s multi-billion dollar fortune and through his ownership of Wayne Enterprises. What you might not know is that Wayne Enterprises is a monster company of truly Orwellian proportions. If the corporation really existed it would most likely be […]

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ADmented Reality: Google Glasses Remixed with Ads

ADmented Reality

Video Description: When I saw Google had somehow forgotten to include any ads in their Project Glass promotional video I just couldn’t resist fixing that little oversight for them. So less then 24 hours after Google released their video I remixed and uploaded my own slightly more realistic version of the augmented reality glasses – now featuring […]

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The LEGO Violence Collection


A short remixed supercut made from 22 LEGO television commercials for 12 different LEGO themes released between 2009 and 2012. LEGO’s marketing aimed at boys has become progressively more aggressive and violent over and now focuses primarily on conflict and combat play scenarios. This video montage was originally created for Feminist Frequency’s webisode: The LEGO Boys […]

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Too Many Dicks on The Daily Show

Too Many Dicks on The Daily Show

UPDATE 2: As of September 5th 2013 this remix is back on YouTube. A few days after my lawyers at New Media Rights contacted Viacom to inquire about the bogus takedown I received an automated message from YouTube stating that Viacom had released their copyright infringement claim. No other information was given and no explanation was provided. The copyright “strike” appears to have been […]

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